Little Skips, a small café in Bushwick, opened in 2009 and was in need of some custom design work. Linda, the owner, was looking for something "friendly but weird." Not sure I acheived exactly that, but she was certainly more than pleased.

Another piece from my time in Bushwick, I put this idea together for a new co-op opening down the street from the gallery. They wound up going with something else, but I've always had a soft spot for it.

I worked with Do Tank Brooklyn to put together some visual ideas for their upcoming light festival, Night Light.

One of the window designs I produced for Drwr Gallery - original typeface and all. Photos from this particular opening can be found here.

NeuroTribes is a blog maintained by the award-winning Wired journalist Steve Silberman. I worked with Steve during my Music For Democracy days and was thrilled to develop the identity for his new project.

Mass Mosaic set out to create the world's most vibrant online community for sharing and remixing original music composition. I don't believe they ever got off the ground, but I was happy with work I did for them.