In the height of the 2008 presidential election, a scrappy group of wide-eyed, politically-minded folks formed a PAC called Music For Democracy. Their goal was to target 18-30 year olds who identified more with musicians than politicians and discover ways in which to get them to vote for the democratic ticket in November.

Having just ended a full-time committment with a rather stuffy company, I was intrigued when they asked me to come on board as their Creative Director. Though initially reluctant to volunteer full-time, I realized that I didn't trust anyone in the organization not to skew the simple logo I had created for them and soon found myself in the thick of it all.

Some of the perks of working with Music For Democracy was meeting and collaborating with various musicians (Will Oldham, David Crosby, Vampire Weekend) and politicians. Though I was never the interviewer, from time to time I would hear that so-and-so really dug my design work (so-and-so happened to be Graham Nash on one particular occasion!)

It was a remarkable experience that helped to transform my perspective of what design can and should be. I worked with many talented writers, managers and developers to create the MFD website, event material, and various "get out the vote" merchandise.

MFD would often host fundraising events outside of NYC, as well. Though some would argue I took my pro bono work a bit too seriously, I considered it an ideal opportunity to create compelling work for an excellent cause and continued working with them into January of 2009, when Barack was inaugurated into office.

During one of our earlier fundraising events, I was somehow roped into performing a live set of some of my songs.